A new beginning

The weather has been great this weekend.  about 25 C and sunny.  so, I went on a bike ride yesterday and today.  For those that don’t know, I like to bike for exercise (and fun).  It is a way to keep in shape and also it really helps me release stress and feel better mentally too.  Since I have not been riding for many months, i did my usual SHORT ride – 17km – since i have been lazy all winter, it was not my best time…but i still did it in less than 44 minutes. if the weather stays nice i will ride as much as i can and will let  you know how its going.  i have some favorite rides and will try to take some pics occasionally.
Well, the ride allowed me to do a lot of thinking…. and first, I would like to apologize to anyone i was rude, impatient, or not nice to.  that is not the real Ralf.   I thought about a lot of things and I do not like the way I have been as of late…  I used to be happy, kind, fun, considerate  ALL the time.    so I decided that I want THAT Ralf to come back. The Ralf that I like, and I hope other people like, will return now.   I’ve been through a lot of "crap" the past couple years (and in my life) and I guess it finally affected me.   But I know I have to just move forward, let the past be the past, and make my future days as happy as I can for myself, my family and my friends.
the second thing, is I realized I have a lot of things I want to do in my life – short term and long term.  so I need to get to doing them.   I am going to start focusing on the important things (big and small) and make things happen.  I maybe only have 40 more years left on this place we call Earth, so I need to enjoy them!  I think we all need to start making the most of our time — learn something, visit an old friend,  help someone, take a trip, be a good parent, etc. . . . those are the things that matter..  those are the things you will remember when you are old. . those are the things that make the "story of your life".  each of our lives is a story AND we are lucky — WE can write the story for ourselves!!  so don’t let the story be one that you are not happy with.  if you are not happy with your story so far, well, change it !! it is your story, your life.
i do wish everyone out there, friend or otherwise, good luck and i hope i have a chance to bring a smile or something special,no matter how small, to all of you.
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3 Responses to A new beginning

  1. Unknown says:

    that is fantastic ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  2. says:

    Dont be regretful until you get old.C\’est La Vie.So we have to do what we need to do when we are young.
    I can make it through the rain.—Mariah Carey

  3. Paula says:

    I couldn\’t agree with you more!~  Learn something, visit an old friend, help someone, take a trip, be a good parent, etc. . . .  That\’s also all I want to do, along with eating all the delicious food around the world 🙂   ha ha ha……

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