Babysitting for my sister

At my sister’s home looking after her 2 kids, but it is not really babysitting – they are 12 and 10 years old.  Every time I need to do something or find something, I just ask them what to do or where to find something – haha.  But I do help them with their homework, make lunch and dinner for them, make sure they take a shower, etc.   My sister will be back tomorrow, so I can spend a little time with her before going back to my home.  My sister also has two cute dogs – TJ and Nelson.  Tj is the light grey one, Nelson is the dark grey/black one.  TJ is a super dog — smart, fun, cute — the poor thing had an accident last year and now only has 3 legs  .. but he does not seem to mind very much and still runs around and has fun.  I guess we can learn from TJ that no matter what bad things happen, still need to enjoy life and be try to be happy!!  GO TJ !!!
I am always happy to see my family.  Always gives me a warm and comfortable feeling.  Makes me feel and know i am not alone.   But sometimes when I am on the plane or in a car going to visit my family, I feel a little bit sad that there is no one going with me … I imagine sharing my travels and my family visits with someone would be even a better feeling.
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3 Responses to Babysitting for my sister

  1. Paula says:

    It\’s all going to be OK.

  2. Flora says:

    we like dogs very much,and we had fed over ten dogs in my family.the both of your dogs are so cute! they  just like the old men!

  3. li says:

    TJ 和它和主人一样,都很了不起!!!有的时候如果没有坚强的生存意志,哪怕有人想要帮助你,也是不可能的。。。

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