Let me write a little about my trip to germany with my mother. Later, I will do a Blog about some of the thinking I did while I was away – whenever i take trips, I have lots of time to think about things, hehe. I had a nice time in Germany. The first thing we did when we arrived in Munich was to rent a car — we got an Opel Astra. Opel is part of GM (General Motors). I like Opels because my first car was a 1974 Opel Manta (it cost me and my brother $300) – I loved that car and hated that car – hehe – because it was cute and fun to drive but also it sometimes would have troubles and I would need to spend hours fixing it (I learned a lot about how to fix cars because I did many repairs myself). after getting the rental car at the airport, it was about an hour drive (115 kms) to where we were staying. In Germany on some of the roads, there is not a speed limit so can drive as fast as you want!

My relatives are always so kind to me. My mother and I stayed at my Tante Waltraud’s (Aunt) and Uncle Gerhardt’s. They live in Turkheim. They have two daughters who live in nearby towns. They have a lovely house. Uncle Gerhardt worked in construction (roofing) but he also raises birds and dogs (german shepards). He has hundreds of birds and some of them are quite pretty. My grandmother is now staying with my Uncle Willie in Nasenbeuren. It is about 10 minutes away. Most of my mom’s siblings live nearby in other small towns too. My grandmother is 92 years old. She is a lovely old woman, but just last year she was sick and had to go to the hospital so now she is not doing so well. All her life, she was strong and independent. but now Uncle Willie’s wife (Bragitta) is taking care of her. Tante Bragitta is wonderful and she also makes great cakes. My grandmother was happy to see me – she smiled and everyone says she was better with me there. I still remember in 2002 when i visited her, we went for a walk together – holding hands and talking about simple things (my german is not very good). I don’t know if i will ever see her again – she is old and i am busy, so i am a little bit sad — but i will always have my happy memories of visiting her in the little town of Tussenhausen.

I saw a couple of my cousins. Alexander (Willie’s son) and Simone (Waltraud’s daughter) took me out one night. we went to a pub and drank beer and talked and laughed. I also saw Ulli. He is the one that has a pet snake. He lives in another town called Amberg. We visited Uncle Leo a couple times. He also lives in Turkheim. One day, we drove about 45 minutes and visited Tante Marta. She is my mom’s oldest sister. I have not seen her in more than 20 years. I also visited Michael. He is not a relative – he is the son of my mother’s high school friend in Tussenhausen. They have a dairy farm – lots of cows. He is the same age as I am. He married a german girl from Brazil and they have 2 lovely sons. It was nice visiting everyone because everyone fed me. I like to eat !! now that I am back in USA I think I gained 5 jin from all the eating and drinking I did in Germany.

The weather was pretty good while in Germany. I was expecting it to be cold and raining all the time, but almost every day had sunshine and was comfortable. But the last day, it snowed !! It was actually very beautiful because the snow stuck to every thing and made it look like a winter wonderland.

So, it was a good trip. I am lucky to have such nice relatives. and lucky that there are many nice things in Germany.

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  1. Paula says:

    You always spend lots of time to think about things

  2. says:


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  4. phoenix says:

    A good thing is that you could repair car by yourself

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