Spring has sprung . . .

I really like spring 🙂
another lovely day today.   bright and sunny.  I went on my usual 18 km bike ride.  today was my fastest time so far:  39 minutes and 7 seconds!  I hope to get down to 38 minutes.
I like riding because:  1) it is good for my health – helps keep my fit and strong, and 2) it is good for my mind.  Biking relieves stress and as with traveling, I also think about a lot when i bike. 
Lately, I have been quite busy.  I have decided to try doing a small import business into china – selling health products to chinese.  At first, I will just do online  but maybe later can expand what I want to sell and also maybe even open a small shop someplace.  I also want to try selling some things in America from China – so I am setting up an American company for this. 
I also have other things on my mind.  for a while, my mood has not been good, because I was not sure about what work I wanted to do   and   not sure about other things in my life.  I am still optimistic though, and trying to keep smiling as much as possible.  I have had many happy times in my life and also many sad/bad things too.  I cherish the happy times.  and i try to learn from the bad things  and  not let them bother me too much.  I know and believe the happiest times of my life are still in front of me.   so many things still to do, still to see, still to experience. 
I hope everyone out there can look deep inside themselves and think about their lives, their hopes and dreams, their sad things, their happy things….  and then realize that we all need to be the best we can be and appreciate the good things in our lives.  Nobody is perfect   but   we all have good things we can say and do and give.  I believe one of the most enjoyable things a person can do is to bring a smile to someone ELSE’s face.   If we all can believe that and try to live with that kind of thinking, the world would be full of sooo many smiles!    and   we all know that if we bring a smile to someone, then that someone will want to bring a smile to our face too.  Hope I never forget this and hope more people can live this way too.
Spring has sprung and the sun is saying hello to us everyday!   so don’t forget to say hello back!  😉
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4 Responses to Spring has sprung . . .

  1. DREAM LAND says:

    yes, we should believe the happiest times are still in front of us. Every day is a bright new day. Good Luck and Go…

  2. says:

    Smile,smile ,smile~~

  3. Memory says:

    I believe all you said is right from your pure heart, but it is just a beautiful dream though, people are different, they wont do what you expect them to do like what you do. But I will do what is good to me, like all your suggest, they are all good to me, so I will follow them, when I was walking my dog today, I said hello to the weather and the sky, I really enjoy the day and my single mood, and enjoy your pure beautiful blog too…especially in the beautiful days, reading your beautiful mind…

  4. li says:


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