Ralfie is a Daddy !

Today, I am a father. 我的三个孩子来了。  My 3 babies arrived. They are very cute and always hungry.  Their mama is taking good care of them in their little bed in the bush behind my home.
我应该叫他们哪些名字? What should I name them?
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3 Responses to Ralfie is a Daddy !

  1. li says:

    好可爱的小家伙! 它们长大之后会是什么样子?下次能让我看一上它们的妈妈长什么样吗?(要小心,别吓着它们.)

  2. Memory says:

    Hey, that\’s soooo cool!!

  3. Flora says:

    you know? after i read your article,it makes me scare,because you said you have 3 babies!吓死我了,先生!but so interesting!i like it.

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