It’s a beautiful day. . .

Another lovely day here.  Sunny. Blue Sky. 25 degrees. Fresh air.   The winters can be cold here, and sometimes the summer days are very hot and humid, but this spring has been wonderful.
I’ve been keeping up with my bike riding (and going to the gym).  on April 28 I said i did my usual 18km ride in 39:07 and said I hoped to do it in under 38 minutes.  well, last week I did it in 38 minutes and 26 seconds. and today . . . .. .   37 minutes and 44 seconds.  a new record!   hehe   I guess now I need to try and do it faster than 37 minutes.
I’ve been busy lately with setting up things for my company and starting to build my own website.  The website will be for selling some chinese products in USA (many things at the chinese pharmacy is much cheaper than in USA).  
My company will also work as the American agent for chinese companies that want to get a trademark or brand in the USA, or want to setup up a legal corporation in the USA.  I already have one chinese business that wants me to do this for them.  I think this might be a great opportunity for me – since I know how to do these things in America, I know some chinese and understand some about China, and there are many Chinese companies that want to do business in the world (not just in USA) and want an American registered and protected trademark.
Time to go out and enjoy the last rays of sunshine before night comes and then I have to cook dinner.
Keep Smiling !
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2 Responses to It’s a beautiful day. . .

  1. Memory says:

    Hey, I was on the phone last night, so I didnt chat with you, actually I was really wondering how you were doing, and I also wondered how\’s going with your new company, now I got the answer from your blog, hehe, chat with you more about your business late! Yea, keep smiling!—Mem

  2. Flora says:

    sir, i knew what you are busy now, oh ,you\’re a businessman? a boss? i\’m so careless! so you\’re always busy,busy,busy! it\’s too pitiful.i think it\’s too complicated for me,almost is above my head. hmm…anyway, i hope you are happy, whether in your job or your life!

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