Great News . . .

1) First good thing
I did my regular 18km bike ride again.  My original goal two months ago was to do it in less than 38 minutes.  last week, I did it in 37 minutes and 44 seconds.   Today, i went out on my ride and it was going to rain.  But i looked on the internet and the rain was not here yet so i started riding.  The sky was dark and it was windy so I tried to ride fast.  after half way, it  started to rain a little bit and there was some lightning in the sky.  so i was a little bit worried and i rode faster –  I was lucky the wind was now behind me – I was racing to beat the storm home.   I made it home ok, before the rain, and my time was . . . .  36 minutes 33 seconds !!! 
2) Second good thing
I have some new babies on the way!  Another kind of bird (different than before) made a nest outside my home.  It is a cute, dark grey bird.  It is a lovely singer.  and it has 3 eggs in the nest.  I hope in the next few days the little eggs will hatch.
3) Last good thing
I have a small tree growing in my yard.  I did not plant it – nature gave it to me about 3 years ago.  I did not know what it was, but today realized it is a mulberry tree ( 桑树 ).  And it has a few berries on it this year.  In the coming years, it will get bigger and have lots of berries – they are very sweet and delicious. 
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5 Responses to Great News . . .

  1. li says:

    好事连连,好运不断! Good lucky to you!

  2. wendy says:

    hi friend .good day !

  3. 伟静 says:

    I love birds, but i was a little bit confused, why the color of the eggs are blue?

  4. says:


  5. 农转非 says:

    你好!我想你一定认识赵锦姝吧!赵是一个大骗子,3,4个月前,她说她妈妈,弟弟生病,向我借5000元钱,我就毫不犹豫的借给她了,她说一个月还,可是3,4个月过去了…… 而且自从我给她钱后,她就不接我电话了。她是个彻头彻尾的大骗子。麻烦你告诉她,她死定了。哈哈!

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