Long time no see

Well . . . Christmas is almost here.  It has been a long time since I added to my blog   so just want to try and be better about adding things here.
I just got back to China a couple weeks ago.  In November I was in USA to see my family and spend Thanksgiving with them.  We always rent a big house at the beach so everyone can come together and spend a week together – eating, talking, playing, drinking, having fun.  It is always a fun time.  I have some photos and will try to put some here soon.
I was going to move to Shanghai for a job there but now there is a problem with that project so maybe will not happen.  So, I am looking for other opportunities too.  I had some interviews this week and hope to have some other interviews soon. 
My website is still the same as months ago… i have not done much with it.  But I did have someone buy something from me about a month ago so that made me feel good.   For the most part, my website business is just a hobby – something to do for fun, to learn some things, and to try… and if it starts doing well, I will spend more time on it.   I still think there are some good opportunities to sell chinese things in USA and sell USA things in China.   maybe i will get lucky and be successful !!  hehe
Last Christmas, I was in Beijing and went to the Great Wall.   yes!!  the great wall in winter time.  actually it was very nice.  a little bit cold  but not too bad, i had a real nice time.   this year, i have no plan.  maybe will just stay home, call some friends or family in USA.  
I hope all my friends out there will forgive me if I have not been much in touch.  Often am busy   or   just try not to come online too much — I really need to focus on my life and my work. BUT . . .  friends are important too  so  I will try to keep my friends close to me and not lose contact.
well.   time to eat some dinner.  am having  "chi jiao niu liu"   —  not sure if i spelled it correctly.  it is beef with green peppers.  i had it about a week ago and liked it  so i bought some for dinner tonight.
Merry Christmas to everyone.  and happy new year too !!
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3 Responses to Long time no see

  1. says:

    MERRY X\’MAS too.
    It\’s really long time no see you. how are you doing? I am staying in Australia for Christmas this yr then going back to China. It was really hot last few days, but it turned to a bit cooler today. That\’s nice, isnt it?
    Hope you will be fine with your work. Good luck. looking forward to hearing your good news.

  2. Yan says:


  3. 1 says:

    最有的可能性是   青椒牛柳

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