Spring Love?

Yesterday, the weather was nice here in Beijing so went on a long bike ride.  Afterwards, I was having dinner in a small chinese restaurant and I kept hearing a young child talking just outside the door behind me.  The child just kept on talking and talking – I assumed it was playing and maybe talking to itself.  So, after I finished my meal I left the restaurant and saw the child.  Actually, there were two children there – one girl and one boy – and they were looking at a book that the boy had.
So, it was very cute – almost like young love.  And the boy was learning a lot about relationships.  He just kept his mouth shut and listened to the girl talk and talk and talk.  And later, as she was turning the pages in the book (which was the young boy’s) she ripped one page.  She said "Sorry", got up, and walked away.  The boy just sat there, quiet, with a blank look on his face.  I think it was very cute and funny. 
Maybe we can learn from the two young children.  Sometimes you need to talk, sometimes you need to listen. And when you make mistake, you should say sorry.  And sometimes, its best not to get upset (you just have to let it go).
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One Response to Spring Love?

  1. septemberose says:

    all need is love in spring?

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