Saying Goodbye

A good friend was telling me a story about his parents from his childhood.

When he was little, his grandmother (father’s mother) lived together with him and his parents. His grandmother was this little lady, maybe 1.6 meters tall.  One day, my friend’s father (a large man) and mother got into an argument. They were both upset and the father said he was leaving (he had to go on a business trip and he didn’t want to keep arguing).  Well, my friend’s grandmother blocked the door and told him, "You are not leaving yet. You have to go kiss your wife goodbye."  At first, the father did not agree and just wanted to leave, but the grandmother (this little old lady) would not get out of the way and insisted, saying "You will be gone for many days.  You must say goodbye to your wife and give her a kiss".  So, my friend’s father listened to his mother and kissed his wife goodbye.  FYI, my friend’s parents have now been married for 50 years.

Two important things …

1) Take the time to say good bye. You never know if it is the last time you will see the person.

2) Show affection. We humans need it. Each time you touch someone you care about, hug them, give a small kiss … it strengthens and reinforces the "connection" between two people.  The stronger the connection, the better we feel. And the better we deal with the bad things (that sometimes come up).

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One Response to Saying Goodbye

  1. Flora says:

    never say goodbye ! can say "see you later"!

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