The Mutt is Gone

The Mutt passed away yesterday – February 19, 2011.

It was sudden. She had a brain aneurysm that burst, leading to a hemorrhagic stroke. It happened at 8:25 on Friday night. 12 hours later, she was gone.

The Mutt was the most loving mother in the whole world. Her family was her life – she would do anything for us.

I am at my father’s home now to help him with taking care of things. He is in shock and disbelief (my parents were married for 49 years), but so far, he is doing ok. My two brothers and sister will be coming in the next couple of days.

We will miss The Mutt very, very much.

Note: “The Mutt” is what many people (especially me and my siblings) call my mother. It comes from “mutter” in German, which means “mother”.

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